All darkroom bookings are private, when you book the darkroom you will be the only person using it. (All equipment is cleaned thoroughly between uses)


2 x Condenser De Vere 504s / 1 x  Cold Cathode De Vere 504 / 1 x De Vere Horizontal 10×8

Film developing facitilites

USING THE DARKROOM: Buy your hours prior to arrival and them come and print! All chemistry for printing up to paper size 12×16 is included. If you want to print larger sizes up to 20×24 theres is an additional £10 charge to cover chemistry. We do not provide paper or film developing chemistry.

LARGE FORMAT PRINTING: If you want to print up to 90cm square. 1 day darkroom hire, including chemistry and assistance £250. Multiple day discounts available.

FILM DEVELOPING: Your are welcome to use our dedicated film developing room as part of your package. Tanks, changing bags, reels, dryer are provided. You will need to provide your own film developing chemistry and negative bags.

Anyone using the darkroom agrees that they are a confident and proficient within the darkroom. If you have not used a darkroom before please join one of our courses after which you can use the darkroom.

OPENING HOURS Flexible hours according to when workshops are running and / or the darkroom has bookings. If you want to print on a weekday evening just let us know. You need to book your session prior to arrival. If you want to visit us email us and we’ll arrange a time.


PRIVATE DARKROOM RENTAL FOR STILLS OR FILM SHOOTS: We accept private bookings if you would like the whole space for filming & photo shoots. £250 per day.




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