Alternative Photography Workshop with Mark Long – Sunday 26th May



Working with artist Mark Long you’ll have a highly productive day discovering solarisation, selective development, chemigrams & cyanotypes. As Mark reveals elements of his techniques you’ll experience the various specialisations as you make work and learn the processes. This workshop is designed so that you’ll be able to comfortably use them in your working practice.

Mark Long is an artist & photographer, his knowledge of the darkroom started with a re-discovery of the Morden-Cage technique whilst at Edinburgh University. Since then his personal work has been heavily influenced by the science behind darkroom practice and he continues to research and evolve these practices for contemporary use. Five places per workshop.

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12pm – 5pm / 26th May

A one day workshop where Mark will take you through a host of techniques used in his personal practice:

1: Photograms: get to grips with image making in the darkroom. These are the images you will try the following techniques

2: Solarisation – Exposing a partially developed photograph to light, before continuing processing, creating halo-like effects often seen in the work of Man Ray & Francis Bruguiere.

3: Selective Development – abstract your imagery using powdered developer, brushes and sprays.

4: Cyanotypes – That beautiful blue! We’ll coat you papers first so they have time to dry whilst you trying other processes. When they’re dry you’ll use the UV box to make you images and expose you paper.

4: Chemigrams – Painting with photographic chemistry.

We’re very happy for you to bring negatives you’d like to use or any personal objects for your photograms. Please bring something to carry all your prints home in.

Mark has an incredible knowledge of processes so you’ll receive a great introduction to these specialist darkroom processes and it’ll certainly be highly productive!





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