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This unique course is a think-tank for alternative photographic techniques allowing you to make beautiful images combining photograms, chemigrams, solarisation, selective development, hand colouring & digital manipulation. Bright Rooms artists and photographers will demonstrate the variety of techniques and be on hand to guide you through as you make your own work . After experimenting with each technique you will be free to move fluidly between them, using the knowledge on tap to create your images.  This day workshop is an inspirational way to explore the possibilities of darkroom processes and build your analogue knowledge. Course details below.

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The course will run from 11.30am until 4pm at the Bright Rooms on the 4th floor of the Peckham Levels

11.30am – 1.30pm | Photograms / Solarisation / Selective Development / Chemigrams:

During the first half of the day you will be working with our photographers who specialise in alternative techniques to explore the processes on offer and create work.

Photograms & Chemigrams with Imogen Davies – You’ll be using a selection of hand blown glass, negatives, acetates and a variety of other object to make your compositions. These will be made in the darkroom so you will gain a good understanding of traditional photographic print making techniques.

Solarisation & Selective Development with Mark Long – Using techniques from his personal practice Mark will demonstrate his process and be on hand to guide you as you develop your work.

After your introduction to the techniques your free to experiment with one, or use them in combination as you see fit.

1.30pm – 2pm | Lunch

2pm – 4pm | Manipulations & Hand Colouring:

Participants will be working with artist and photographer Alexandra Waespi exploring the variety of techniques of image manipulation, including hand colouring, she uses in her practice. She will introduce ways to work with photo dyes, watercolours, and other mark making techniques and you will be encouraged to add to, and abstract your images from the mornings printing session. 

What will you use and how will you be using it?

A variety of objects & techniques to make you photograms. These are supplied by the artists running your workshop.

Fotodyes on photographic paper

Watercolour on photographic paper

Etching on fibre based paper

Digital manipulation

Direct positive paper

What will you make?

By the end of the day we aim to send you home with 5/6 beautiful pieces of work. Of course, the amount of time you would like to spend working on each image is entirely up to you.

Level of experience:

This is for anyone who would like to experience the photographic darkroom whilst leaning creative techniques of image making.

What you need to bring:

You don’t need to bring anything, however feel free to bring a selection of small personal item if you would like to use them in your work. Also, if you have any old negatives in the back of a draw somewhere please bring them. We can’t guarantee they will be suitable but we’ll do our best to include them!

What we provide:

We provide everything you need.

Where will the course take place and how many people will attend:

The course will take place in the Bright Rooms.


Theres a wide variety of delicious food on the 5th floor of the levels catering for all dietary requirements and tastes.






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