Dan Fontanelli – Gardens Strewn With Faded Flowers – Negative 28


‘Negative 28’ from the series ‘Gardens Strewn With Faded Flowers’

1/1. 57.5cm x 50.5cm Hand made Silver Print on fibre based paper & hand coloured. Framed.

This is a print from the first set of 10 unique prints to be made from this project.

In this series Dan Fontanelli reconstruct found materials photographing the arrangements in sections, reassembling the negatives, printing and toning in the darkroom. The joins, cuts and marks from the process of assembling and building the image  cause closer inspection in a body of work that ponders our constant state of change and the philosophy of ‘becoming’ not ‘being.’

“Branches about to blossom or gardens strewn with faded flowers are worthier of our admiration.”

Yoshida Kenkō

Dan Fontanelli’s practice is analogue based shooting on a medium format camera. His bodies of work find inspiration in the streets of South East London where he lives, walking for several hours per day and letting the rhythm of nature and the city slowly join the dots.






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