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A perfect introductory course for anyone who would like to use our facilities but has yet to try darkroom printing. This is also suitable for anyone who would like a refresher to bring back those printing skills! We’ll teach you the entire process from using an enlarger, printing and developing your photographs and how to get the most from your images.

You will have a full introduction to darkroom practice under the guidance of one of our printing specialists and weʼre ready to answer all you questions. So just bring you negatives (or we can provide some) and get ready for an evening of darkroom printing!

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6.30pm – 9pm When you arrive you’ll be given a tour of the darkroom, a brief talk on the equipment you will be using and then get stuck into printing for the evening.

What we will cover:

– Darkroom practice

– Types of paper, resin and fibre

– Enlarger use

– Making test strips

– Making your own prints

– Cropping and framing images.

Level of experience:

This is for anyone who would like to learn from scratch or would like a refresher.

What you need to bring:

Just bring your negatives, 35mm or 120 formats. Or we can provide negatives for you to use.

What we provide:

We provide all the chemistry and resin coated paper.

Where will the course take place and how many people will attend:

The course will take place in the Bright Rooms workshop with a maximum of five people attending. Why just five? Because we want to make sure everyone receives the best possible learning experience. Its after work so we are provided drinks and snacks to keep you going!

Further courses:

We are frequently asked by our course participants how they can move onto printing their images. Our Print Well! course is a four part course suitable for all levels of experience, designed to make you a confident printer and build a solid foundation for your journey in darkroom printing.




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