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Bright Rooms offers corporate packages that directly benefit local community projects. Booking a one day darkroom experience with us means that we can run a one day darkroom course, for free, for a local community group.

Our package consists of a one day ‘analogue experience’ where participants will learn camera use, shoot traditional film on the street and in the studio, then develop their film by hand and make prints in the darkroom. Loads of analogue photography fun and creativity with a delicious lunch included!



The day will start with a brief talk on camera use and then everyone will get straight in to shooting either on the street or in the studio where we will have a still life set up organised. All shoots will by guided with staff on hand to answer questions and give tips for great shots! After we’ve been out shooting everyone will develop their own films by hand with our instruction. Whilst the film is drying we will do a photogram making session in the darkroom. Photograms are one of the earliest forms of photography and also a fun way to get familiar with darkroom practice. We’ll then break for lunch, when you can choose from a vast array of menus from all the restaurants on the floor above us (from Chinese street food through to meze, southern fried chicken and daal with flat breads), all included in the package. In the afternoon everyone will get printing, under the guidance of two Bright Rooms staff, learning all about the process whilst making beautiful prints by hand. Participant can even bring their own negatives if they have any stashed away at home!

By the end of the day all participants will have had a full analogue photography experience and go home with their films and plenty of prints!

Photography is a fantastic way to bring diverse groups of people together, encourage dialogue and foster creativity. Bright Rooms works with local creative youth platforms & creative groups for those with learning difficulties, offering our expertise and facilities to those who may not normally be able to access them.

Your experience at the Bright Rooms will benefit one of the following charities:

Peckham Youth Platform – A free youth-led, culture focused group for teenagers living in Southwark. The aims of the project run in parallel to Peckham Platform’s aims of increasing accessibility to the arts and strengthening our community.

Into Art – For people with learning disabilities to be visible, equal and established artists. Intoart’s artistic programme creates opportunities for production, leadership and audience engagement.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your day.




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